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Down South Paranormal also known as "Deep South Paranormal" from the Syfy Channels ghost hunting  show which starred the founder Randy Hardy and co-founder Kevin Betzer.

Down South Paranormal is a small independent paranormal investigation/ghost hunting
 team located in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Formed in 2008, Down South has investigated several of the most haunted locations in the southern U.S. 

Randy and Kevin also travel frequently as guest speakers at events all over the U.S. and then lead investigations at well known haunted locations after the event.

Down South investigates using standard ghost hunting equipment as well as our own senses.  The locations that Down South investigates are large scale old buildings such as asylums and hospitals as well as residential homes.  We do it for the excitement and fun of it and to help our residential clients better understand what may be going on in their homes.

If you feel your home or business may be haunted please contact us and we will do our best to try to help you!